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 Important 18 April 2017 Registration & Presentation

Registration & Presentation Night will be held on Monday 24th April at the Bailiffs Sergeant.

Registration from 7.30pm. Fee remains at £40 per team.

Darren / Skippy

 Important 14 April 2017 Rule Changes

Matches will now be 15 Frames; there will no longer be a 16th Frame.

Teams will receive 2 points for winning the match plus one point for each set won.

Team A wins set 1 – 3-2. Team B wins set 2 - 1-4. Team A wins set 3 – 3-2.
Final Score 7-8. Team A 2pts Team B 3pts

Any player/s may play twice in any set, but can only play 3 frames per night.

The winner of each division is the team with the most points at the end of the season. If two or more teams finish on level points the winner is decided by; frame difference; frames won; winner of most matches; winner of most games; the team with the better record against the other team/s during the season; a play-off.

Player of the Season Qualification has been lowered to 70%.

Darren / Skippy

 Important 10 April 2017 Roll of Honour

Premier Division

Winners – Levin A
Runners Up – Dukes of Hazard
Player of Season – Paul Vant (Levin A)
Singles Winner - Paul Vant (Levin A)
Singles Runner-Up - Rob Brooks (Ashford Club)
Doubles Winners - Joe Cronin & Mick Bell-Hughes (Ashford Club)
Doubles Runners-Up - Kevin Miles & Conrad Gorham (Levin A)

Division 1

Winners – Ocean A
Runners-Up – Varne Boat Club
Player of Season – Harry Blake (Varne Boat Club)
Singles Winner - Harry Blake (Varne Boat Club)
Singles Runner-Up - John Bowden (Ocean B)
Doubles Winners - Ben Stokes & Dick Tozer (White Horse)
Doubles Runners-Up - Harry Blake & Ray Webb (Varne Boat Club)

Division 2

Winners – Levin B
Runners-Up – Jolly Fisherman
Player of Season – Bob Mitchell (Camber Castle A)
Singles Winner - Bob Mitchell (Camber Castle A)
Singles Runner-Up - Steve Thompson (Warren A)
Doubles Winners - Darren Wolf & Clive Halliwell (Jolly)
Doubles Runners-Up - Rob Hawkes & Len Sayers (Bailiff A)

Division 3

Winner - Royal Mail B
Runner-Up – Newchurch Social Club A
Player of Season - David Dean (Royal Mail A)
Singles Winner - David Dean (Royal Mail A)
Singles Runner-Up - Danny Burns (Royal Mail B)
Doubles Winners - Nick Bishop & Shaun Cheetham (Warren B)
Doubles Runners-Up - Jamie Kay & Paul Hills (Royal Mail B)

Winner - Paul Vant (Levin A)

Alison Graham
Winner Debbie Yates (Bailiff A)
Runner-Up – Stacey Thomas (Warren B)

Charity Trophy
Bailiffs Sergeant

 Important 23 February 2017 KAB Collection Boxes

Listed below are the amounts raised.

Bailiff’s Sergeant £157.27
Bell Inn £99.43
Royal Oak £82.73
Walnut Tree £62.96
Jolly Fisherman £37.22
The White Horse £35.83
Newchurch Social Club £32.06
Ocean Inn £29.68
Lydd Institute £27.27
George Hotel £21.83
Royal Mail £21.78
Levin Club £10.84
Varne Boat Club £8.97
The Dukes Head £5.10
The Warren Inn £3.82

TOTAL £636.79

Well done to the Bailiffs Sergeant for topping the list.
Please remember to pass the boxes around.


 Important 07 February 2017 Interleague Report


Oh My God!!!!
Romney Marsh A have regained the Kent Cup after 3 long years.

Congratulations to the team
Kev Miles (c), Paul Vant, Con Gorham, Darrell Beaumont, Frank Sargent, Terry Wilson, Joe Cronin, Mark Hunter, Gary Sharp, Dan Nisbet and Alan Hook.

Last 16
Won 10-5 against Sittingbourne B
Won 10-0 against Maidstone A
Won 10-5 against Rochester
Won 10-6 against Gravesham A

A monumental victory for little old Romney Marsh. KO Cup Champions of Kent

 Important 16 January 2017 Masters Results

Well done to Paul Vant for winning The Masters for the seventh consecutive year.

Jamie Yerrall bt James Webb,Terry Wilson bt Malcolm Johnston(NO SHOW), Darrell Beaumont bt Matt Brabham, Joe Cronin bt Gary Sharp, Frank Sargent bt David Chilvers, Kev Miles bt Darren Stocker, Paul Vant bt Con Gorham, Alan Hook bt John Barbieri.
Vant bt Yerrall, Hook bt Beaumont, Wilson bt Miles, Sargent bt Cronin
Vant bt Hook, Sargent bt Wilson
Vant bt Sargent

 Important 31 December 2016 Masters - 15th Jan @ Ashford Club at 11am

The following are the confirmed entrants for The Masters competition 15th January 2017 at The Ashford Club at 11am.

1.Frank Sargent, 2 Paul Vant, 3 Alan Hook, 4 Terry Wilson, 5 Kevin Miles, 6 Darryl Beaumont, 7 Jamie Yerrall, 8 Gary Sharpe, 9 Joe Cronin, 10 James Webb, 11 Matt Brabham, 12 Darren Stocker, 13 Malcolm Johnston, 14 John Barbieri, 15 Conrad Gorham, 16.David Chilvers

Reserves:- 1 Dave Clarke, 2 Ashley Stephenson, 3 Darren Madden, 4 Jayson Davis, 5 Tony Collins, 6 Simon Fullagar

Anyone who is unavailable, please inform Darren a.s.a.p. so that reserves can be informed.

 Important 01 December 2016 SINGLES KO - 5th DECEMBER

Mavericks PAUL VANT
Mavericks ROB BROOKS

OCEAN Gavin Cooper
VARNE TABLE 1 Dave Clarke
ROYAL OAK John Bowden
VARNE TABLE 2 Ricky Hickman
BELL INN Harry Blake
BELL INN Toby Tozer

WALNUT TREE Nick Penfold
WARREN A.Gardiner
WARREN Ian Kosta
INSTITUTE Martin Hughes
JOLLY Steve Thompson

WARREN GC Josh Holbrook
WARREN GC Danny Burns 
ROYAL MAIL Steve Humphries
ROYAL MAIL Ian hunter

 Important 28 November 2016 InterLeague

Congratulations to Romney B for gaining promotion via the play-offs to Division 3, with a 10-5 win against Folkestone Churchill's..
Well Done to all those involved.

 Important 24 November 2016 Please Note

Please Remember when completing the Result Sheet, that if a Team is short, the same player CANNOT be named against No Player.


 Important 26 October 2016 To The Romney Marsh & District Pool League

I wish to convey my Thanks to the committee and members for their splendid gift upon my 'Retirement'. It was totally unexpected and much appreciated.
Although I will be taking no part in the administration of the League, I will continue to play.
I wish the new Secretary all the very best in his new role and will assist in making the change over as smooth as possible.


 Important 25 October 2016 Interleague National KO Finals 8th-9th October 2016

So last weekend brought Romney Marsh A interleague team to sunny Great Yarmouth to try and take this little rural town as far as they could in the national interleague KO finals.

The weekend began with 128 teams competing to win the cup. Romney A were drawn in a group with St. Neots, Fleetwood and The Club from Leicester. Fleetwood were no shows so this left 3 teams battling to get through the group. St. Neots had recently beaten Peterborough A in their local league so we knew it wasn't going to be easy.

We began with a flying start and beat St.Neots 10-2. A fantastic result. We then went straight back on with achance to top the group. We went on to beat The Club 10-7 and succeeded in topping group 18.

We then had a long break whilst the rest of the group stages were being played out. The draw was made and we drew Gosport of Hampshire. We began slowly but managed to pip the first set 5-4. We then flew winning 5 0f the next 6 frames to secure a 10-5 win and a place in the last 32.

Much to our dismay we were drawn against Kent Champions Rochester in the last 32 which was played on the Sunday morning. We started out really well and took a 4-2 lead with some solid performances. Unfortunately some missed opportunities cost us and we went 5-4 down at the break. This seemed to deflate us and we went on to only win 1 from the next 5 frames to lose 10-5.

Overall a successful tournament for Romney A, i'm sure you'd agree. Our target is always to get the last 32 and we achieved this. Sun Valley went on to win the event and full results can be found at

A great team effort all round representing one of the smallest leagues in the competition. But there were some outstanding performances from captain Kevin Miles 7 out of 8, Paul Vant 7 out of 8, Joe Cronin 5 out of 8, Gary Sharp 3 out of 5 and Conrad Gorham with 3 from 3.

 Important 11 October 2016 Team KO Final results

Team Knockout Finals

Bailiff #3 beat Levin A

Division 1
Dukes Head beat Bailiff A

Division 2
Levin B beat Royal Oak A

Well done all

 Important 18 December 2015 **Champions of Champions update**

Congratulations to the Levin A team who represented the league in this years Kent Champions of Champions.

After qualifying past the Mavericks Elite team from Ashford, the Levin boys went to Chatham for the finals day and narrowly missed out on a final place with a 2-1 playoff defeat against Jordans A of Rochester, following a 12-12 draw.

Well done lads. You done the league proud

 Sticky 01 September 2015 Team KO results

Premier division

Levin A 8 v 3 Ocean

Division 1

Bell Inn 8 v 5 Royal Oak

Division 2

Royal Oak 3 v 8 The Plough

Congratulation to the winners and commiserations to the runners up.

 Message 20 June 2015 World Championships - Blackpool

Good luck to Paul Vant ( Levin A ) who makes his debut in the world championships on Wednesday 24th June at Blackpool.

Good luck Paul

Roy on behalf of our league.

 Message 18 April 2015 World Championship UPDATE

This weekend saw Romney's Paul Vant of the Levin A team qualify for the finals of the World Championship, this August, in Blackpool. This is no mean feat and after coming so close two years ago, Paul managed to go one step further and secure his place in the draw.

Well Done Paul

For full results go

 Message 10 March 2015 Roll of Honour

Presentation night and registration for next season is on Monday 16th March at the Bailiff Seargent, St. Mary's Bay from 8pm

****2014/15 Roll of Honour****

Masters Winner: Paul Vant
Runner-Up: John Barbieri

Alison Graham Winner: Sue Wilson
Runner-Up: Stacey Thomas
League Winners: Levin A
Runners-Up: Mavericks PotShots
Player of the Season: Kevin Miles

Singles Winner: Harry Blake
Runner-Up: Kevin Miles

Doubles Winners: D.Figg/D.Dowsey
Runners-Up: J.Webb/C.Gorham
League Winners: White Horse A
Runners-Up: White Horse B
Player of the season: Ben Shave

Singles Winner: Danny Burns
Runner Up: Dick Tozer

Doubles Winners: D.Masey/M.Hughes
Runners Up: B.Shave/L.Spring
League Winners: Royal Oak B
Runners-Up: Plough Inn B
Player of the season: Steve Paine

Singles Winner: Tony Collins
Runner Up: Craig Watkins

Doubles Winners: J.Payne/D.Cridland
Runners Up: D.Gilden/M.Laker

ThankYou for your support this season.
Please ensure team captains pay any outstanding knockout monies on Monday when you register.

 Message 28 November 2012 Interleague Results

Congratulations to our interleague teams who have just completed a successful season.

The A team finished runners-up to Rochester in Division 1 with John Barbieri being player of the season.

The B team finished unbeaten winners of division 4.

Well done to all.

 Message 05 November 2012 Masters 2012

Congratulations to Paul Vant for overcoming all opposition to become Masters Champion 2012.

After a long day, Paul beat Rob Brooks 6-1 in the final.

Will no-one stop him? That's 3 years on the trot.

Well done Paul.


League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Levin A   12  7  1  4  129
 Ashford Club   12  6  3  3  115
 Dukes of Hazzard   12  6  2  4  115
 Bailiff #3   12  2  0  10  73
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Paul Vant  36 28 8 77.7
 Joe Cronin  36 24 12 66.6
 Frank Sargent  36 21 15 58.3
 Darrell Beaumont  36 21 15 58.3
 Kevin Miles  36 20 16 55.5
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)
Fixtures & Results

Division One

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Ocean Inn A   14  12  1  1  159
 Varne Boat Club   14  9  2  3  153
 White Horse   14  10  3  1  151
 Dukes Head   14  8  0  6  129
 Ocean Inn B   14  4  3  7  116
 The George Hotel   14  3  3  8  110
 Royal Oak B   14  0  5  9  95
 Bell Inn   14  1  1  12  83
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Harry Blake  42 34 8 80.9
 Darren Stocker  37 27 10 72.9
 Ben Stokes  42 29 13 69.0
 Richard Suckling  40 26 14 65.0
 Jay Simmonds  34 22 12 64.7
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)
Fixtures & Results

Division Two

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Levin B   14  12  1  1  163
 Jolly Fisherman   14  10  2  2  162
 Warren A   14  7  1  6  138
 Camber Castle A   14  5  2  7  122
 Institute   14  6  2  6  121
 Bailiffs Sergeant A   14  5  3  6  116
 Walnut Tree   14  4  1  9  102
 Bell Inn A   14  1  0  13  69
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Bob Mitchell  42 36 6 85.7
 Kevin Bennett  39 29 10 74.3
 Martyn Button  42 31 11 73.8
 Clive Halliwell  42 31 11 73.8
 Alan Wood-Brignall  40 29 11 72.5
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)
Fixtures & Results

Division Three

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Royal Mail B   14  9  2  3  150
 Newchurch S.C. A   14  8  2  4  139
 Warren Golf Club   14  8  2  4  138
 Royal Mail A   14  7  1  6  131
 Camber Castle B   14  7  0  7  122
 Newchurch S.C. B   14  6  2  6  121
 Royal Oak A   14  2  1  11  104
 Warren B   14  3  2  9  103
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Dave Dean  42 35 7 83.3
 Jamie Kay  42 34 8 80.9
 Craig Bull  42 28 14 66.6
 Kevin Saunders  39 26 13 66.6
 Danny Burns  33 22 11 66.6
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)
Fixtures & Results

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