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 Important 02 April 2019 Alison Graham

Congratulations to Sue Wilson on winning this years event, beat Stacey Thomas in the Final.

This year there was 11 ladies in the Competition, which is the most we have ever had.

Darren / Skippy

 Important 02 April 2019 Doubles KO Finals Night - 1st April

Premier Division @ Dukes Head

Congratulations to Kevin Miles & Paul Vant for retaining the Premier Doubles KO.

Dave Riley & Dan Nisbet 2v4 Kevin Miles & Paul Vant
Tony Longhurst & Steve Paine 4v1 Steve Jepson & Malcolm Johnston

FINAL: Kevin Miles & Paul Vant 5-3 Tony Longhurst & Steve Paine

Division 1 @ Newchurch Social Club

Congratulations to Tom Pyne & Bruce Waitson on winning the Division 1 Doubles KO.

Dave Dean & Craig Bull 2 v 4 Craig Watkins & Dean Gilden

Tom Pyne & Bruce Waitson 4 v 2 Ian Jackman & Lee Jackman

Craig Watkins & Dean Gilden 4 V 5 Tom Pyne & Bruce Waitson

Division 2 @ Royal Oak

Congratulations to Richard Brodie & Jamie Kay on winning the Division 2 Doubles KO.

Richard Brodie & Jamie Kay 4 v 1 Derek Read & Pete Farris

Alistair Gardener & Bob Mitchel 1 v 4 Louis Stone & Dylan Stone

Richard Brodie & Jamie Kay 5 V 4 Louis Stone & Dylan Stone

Darren / Skippy

 Important 26 March 2019 Singles KO Finals Night Results- 25th March

Premier Division @ The Levin
Congratulations to Kevin Miles who has retained the premier singles KO title.

Frank Sargent 5v1 Gary Sharp
Kevin Miles 5v2 Darren Stocker

Kevin Miles 6-3 Frank Sargent

Division 1 @ The George
Congratulations to Tom Pyne on winning the Div 1 Singles KO

Ben Stokes 5 v 1 Dean Gilden

Tom Pyne 5 v 4 Lee Jackman

Ben Stokes 2 v 6 Tom Pyne
Division 2 @ The Neptune
Congratulations to Bob Mitchell on winning the Div 2 Singles KO

Darren Madden 2 v 5 Jamie Kay

Bob Mitchell 5 v 0 Shane Cooley

Bob Mitchell 6 v 0 Jamie Kay

Darren / Skippy

 Important 18 March 2019 The Masters

Congratulations to Joe Cronin for winning this years Masters.

Joe started slowly in the first round, but improved match by match, to win the title.

1st Round - Darren Wolfe 7-4
Quarters - Kev Miles 7-5
Semi Final - Frank Sargent 7-5
Final - John Barbieri 7-2

Joe has also won Ashford's Masters this year.

Thank you to Lanterns for letting us use their venue.

Well Done Joe


 Important 05 March 2019 Camber Castle A

Please note that Camber Castle A have withdrawn from the League with immediate effect..

Darren / Skippy

 Important 12 February 2019 Premier Singles KO 11th February

Congratulations to Kevin Miles, Darren Stocker, Frank Sargent and Gary Sharp for making the semi finals of the premier league singles KO

Warren Golf Club
Gary Sharp beat Darren Dowsey
Gary Tate beat Steve Thompson
Qtr Final
Gary Sharp beat Gary Tate

Dukes Head
Frank Sargent beat Matt Clifford
Steve Jepson beat Paul Vant
Qtr Final
Frank Sargent beat Steve Jepson

Rd 2
Darren Stocker beat Scott Hanson
Jamie Yerrall beat Dan Nisbet
Qtr Final
Darren Stocker beat Jamie Yerrall

Camber Castle
Rd 2
Kevin Miles beat Con Gorham
Terry Wilson beat John Barbieri
Qtr Final
Kevin Miles beat Terry Wilson

 Important 12 December 2018 Golden Cue

The weekend of the 8th and 9th December saw 5 Teams from the Romney Marsh compete, in the National Golden Cue event at Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth.

Unbelievably, 2 teams made it all the way through to the semi finals of the event, picking up a trophy each and a 1200 prize per team, which for a small league like ours is a great achievement.

So congratulations to teams Romney AA - Kevin Miles, Paul Vant and Frank Sargent.
And to Romney A - Darrell Beaumont, Joe Cronin and Alan Hook.

Full results and photos can be found here:

 Important 16 October 2018 Registration, Presentation & AGM

Hi All,

Registration, Presentation & AGM will be held at The Bailiffs Sergeant on 29th October from 7.30pm.

Registration Fee remains the same @ 40 per team.

Anyone interested in joining the Committee, please make me aware asap.

Many Thanks,
Darren / Skippy

 Important 20 November 2017 The Masters

Congratulations to Paul Vant on winning The Masters for the 8th consecutive year. What an amazing feat.

Paul was trailing 4-2 in the Final, and it would of been 5-2, but an error from Joe, let Paul back in to to clear up. He then broke and dished, making it 4 all, and then secured the last 2 frames for his victory.

1st Round - Dave Chilvers 5-3.
Quarters - Rob Brookes 5-4
Semi Final - Darrell Beaumont 6-4
Final - Joe Cronin 6-4

Thanks to Kevin Miles for running the event, which ran smoothly all day.
Thank you to The Levin and The Bailiff for holding this event.

Who will stop Paul Vant from making it 9 next year?

Well Done Vanty..

Darren / Skippy

 Important 24 October 2017 New Season

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone that attended The Presentation and AGM last night.

I would like to welcome Debbie Yates to the Committee as the new Chairperson of the League.

The scoring system is reverting back, which means a point per frame plus 2 points for a win.
There will be no 16th frame.
A player may play twice in any set, but still only play a maximum of 3 frames a night.
The result of the voting was 16-8 and 2 no votes. This was verified by Kim Fittall of the Bell Inn A.

If for any reason a match needs to be cancelled, there will be -8 penalty points if less than 48 hours notice is given. If over 48 hours notice is given there will be no penalty points given as long as the match is played.. If not played, it will be a -4 penalty.

Fixtures and result sheets will be delivered to venues within the next week.

Good Luck to All for the New Season.

Darren / Skippy

 Important 13 October 2017 InterLeague

Captains Report Romney B

Yarmouth Knockout Weekend 6th October 2017

We took a squad of 10 to Great Yarmouth Interleague Knockouts. We drew Colchester in the first round. They edged us 10 -6 but it was not a walkover for them, bearing in mind they had 3 England International players. That put us on the backfoot.

Our next draw was against St Helens B and was a convincing 10 -4 win to us.

Third round we were against Black Country Mondays, which we fought a hellish battle with but came out victorious. With a quality finish to win us the match by Dave Dean. The result being 10 -8 to us.

Our round 4 match was against Whitney, down to last 64 teams but they edged it 10 -8, so that finished our progression into the last 32.

I must acknowledge and say a big thank you to Malcolm Johnston and Lorraine Fivey, who's tournament experience focused us on what we needed to do and their win contribution in the K O's was invaluable in how far we went.

Special mentions must go to John Bowden 100%, Dave Chilvers 75%, Darren Madden 57%, Darren Stocker and Mark Tart 50%, who really kept us in the game.

Thank you to all the other members of our team who contributed to the fantastic team spirit and making it a great weekend.

Romney B has really come alive this season in division 3 and we will fight for promotion into division 2.

Well done everyone

Dave Clarke (captain)

 Important 07 February 2017 Interleague Report


Oh My God!!!!
Romney Marsh A have regained the Kent Cup after 3 long years.

Congratulations to the team
Kev Miles (c), Paul Vant, Con Gorham, Darrell Beaumont, Frank Sargent, Terry Wilson, Joe Cronin, Mark Hunter, Gary Sharp, Dan Nisbet and Alan Hook.

Last 16
Won 10-5 against Sittingbourne B
Won 10-0 against Maidstone A
Won 10-5 against Rochester
Won 10-6 against Gravesham A

A monumental victory for little old Romney Marsh. KO Cup Champions of Kent

 Important 16 January 2017 Masters Results

Well done to Paul Vant for winning The Masters for the seventh consecutive year.

Jamie Yerrall bt James Webb,Terry Wilson bt Malcolm Johnston(NO SHOW), Darrell Beaumont bt Matt Brabham, Joe Cronin bt Gary Sharp, Frank Sargent bt David Chilvers, Kev Miles bt Darren Stocker, Paul Vant bt Con Gorham, Alan Hook bt John Barbieri.
Vant bt Yerrall, Hook bt Beaumont, Wilson bt Miles, Sargent bt Cronin
Vant bt Hook, Sargent bt Wilson
Vant bt Sargent

 Important 26 October 2016 To The Romney Marsh & District Pool League

I wish to convey my Thanks to the committee and members for their splendid gift upon my 'Retirement'. It was totally unexpected and much appreciated.
Although I will be taking no part in the administration of the League, I will continue to play.
I wish the new Secretary all the very best in his new role and will assist in making the change over as smooth as possible.


 Message 20 June 2015 World Championships - Blackpool

Good luck to Paul Vant ( Levin A ) who makes his debut in the world championships on Wednesday 24th June at Blackpool.

Good luck Paul

Roy on behalf of our league.

 Message 18 April 2015 World Championship UPDATE

This weekend saw Romney's Paul Vant of the Levin A team qualify for the finals of the World Championship, this August, in Blackpool. This is no mean feat and after coming so close two years ago, Paul managed to go one step further and secure his place in the draw.

Well Done Paul

For full results go

 Message 14 November 2011 Masters Result

Congratulations to Paul Vant on retaining his Masters Title on Sunday.

Paul defeated John Barbierie 5-1 in the final having beaten a dour Mike Barton 5-3 in his semi-final.
John had previously beaten Conrad Gorham 5-0 in his semi-final.

Well done to all for making the event such a success.


 Message 22 September 2011 Team K.O. Finals Monday 3rd October Results

The finals of the team KO's will take place on Monday 3rd October .

Premier Division

Rose and Crown 5 v 8 Dukes head at Bailiff's Sergeant

Division 1

White Horse 7 v 8 Walnut Tree at Newchurch

League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Levin A   11  10  0  1  133
 Dukes of Hazzard   11  8  0  3  129
 Ashford Club   10  9  0  1  125
 Ocean Inn A   11  6  0  5  89
 Warren Golf Club   11  3  0  8  69
 Dukes Head B   10  3  0  7  68
 Warren A   11  2  0  9  53
 Camber Castle A   7  0  0  7  23
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Matt Clifford  31 26 5 83.8
 Joe Cronin  23 18 5 78.2
 Paul Vant  32 25 7 78.1
 Tony Longhurst  27 20 7 74.0
 Steve Jepson  27 20 7 74.0
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
29 April 2019
Home   Away
Dukes Head B vs Warren Golf Club
Ashford Club vs Warren A
Camber Castle A vs Levin A
Ocean Inn A vs Dukes of Hazzard
Fixtures & Results

Division 1

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 White Horse   15  9  0  6  149
 Sandy Bay   15  11  0  4  145
 Ocean Inn B   15  9  0  6  141
 Bailiffs Sergeant A   15  9  0  6  140
 The George Hotel   15  9  0  6  139
 Bailiff RMA   15  9  0  6  130
 Royal Oak B   15  7  0  8  118
 Bell Inn A   15  6  0  9  117
 Institute   15  4  0  11  104
 Newchurch S.C. A   15  2  0  13  92
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Tom Pyne  33 30 3 90.9
 Len Sayers  33 29 4 87.8
 Dave Dean  36 31 5 86.1
 Ian Jackman  44 33 11 75.0
 Mike Muldoon  43 32 11 74.4
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
29 April 2019
Home   Away
Sandy Bay vs Institute
Bailiff RMA vs Royal Oak B
White Horse vs Ocean Inn B
Newchurch S.C. A vs The George Hotel
Bell Inn A vs Bailiffs Sergeant A
Fixtures & Results

Division 2

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Bell Inn   15  13  0  2  167
 The Star Boyz   15  10  0  5  156
 Warren B   14  10  0  4  136
 Neptune   14  9  0  5  131
 Camber Castle B   14  7  0  7  126
 New Beach B   15  7  0  8  125
 Royal Oak A   14  7  0  7  119
 The Local Starz   14  6  0  8  109
 New Beach A   14  3  0  11  85
 Plough Inn   15  0  0  15  55
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Bob Mitchell  42 37 5 88.1
 Darren Madden  37 30 7 81.0
 Gary Hammet  39 30 9 76.9
 Richard Wickham  41 31 10 75.6
 Darren Read  40 30 10 75.0
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
29 April 2019
Home   Away
The Star Boyz vs The Local Starz
New Beach B vs Camber Castle B
Plough Inn vs Bell Inn
Royal Oak A vs Neptune
Warren B vs New Beach A
Fixtures & Results

Premier Invitational

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Levin Romney   1  1  0  0  11
 Levin Invicta   1  0  0  1  6
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Dan Nisbet  3 3 0 100
 Steve Souter  3 3 0 100
 Julian Mills  3 2 1 66.6
 Paul Vant  3 2 1 66.6
 Kevin Miles  3 2 1 66.6
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
26 May 2019
Home   Away
Levin Invicta vs Levin Romney
Fixtures & Results

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